Academic Writing Ideas: A Persuasive Essay Outline Example

Within a persuasive essay, students are supposed to make an argument. They must pick a side on a particular topic and sway the reader to see their point of view. Students who are new to this type of writing should begin by creating an outline. Using an outline is the best way to ensure that the student develops a logical, coherent argument.

What Is It?

Before students can write this paper, they need to understand what it is. Basically, this style of paper is a less researched versus of an argumentative essay. While argumentative papers require extensive research and facts, a persuasive paper can use more of the student's opinions. It should include an introduction, body and conclusion. Within each paragraph, the student should make a statement that supports their argument.

Create a Hook

The teacher has read hundreds of these papers before. To stand out, the student should use a hook in their writing. They should draw the reader in. This can be done with an interesting question, an unusual fact or an anecdote. To write a good hook, students should understand the audience that they are writing to. Although they are obviously writing to the teacher, they should consider what type of person would normally read this paper.

Choosing a Side

At the end of the introduction, students should write out their thesis statement. The thesis is the place where the student will pick a side. They should clearly state what they believe. This statement is the core of the essay, so it must be well-written and concise.

Building the Body

Unless the teacher has specified a longer length for this document, the body will consist of three examples. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. In the topic sentence, the student should express a reason that supports their thesis. Each topic sentence should be supported by one or two facts or examples. Once each paragraph is complete, the student can write the next portion of their paper.

Finishing It Off: the Conclusion

At the end of the document, students must conclude their writing. This will essentially contain a basic summary of the paper. It could explain how this topic impacts the reader, or it could restate the thesis. As a rule, the conclusion should be about three or four sentences. If the student is writing a paper longer than five paragraphs, the conclusion could occasionally be stretched out to five or six sentences.