5 Things To Keep In Mind Looking For An Example Of A Process Essay

If you are writing a process paper, then we know that you're going to be giving instructions to someone. You may be teaching them a particular task, or giving them the steps in how to do something. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind because as a person is turning to you for information that they don't already know, you have to treat it as if they've never been in that environment before. Keep in mind:

  • Are you giving them detailed instructions they can easily follow? Keep in mind if you're teaching someone how to make an omelet, you have to start with basic instructions so they can walk through the process with you.
  • Can they see it through your eyes? Visualize the steps yourself and then map them out and in numbers like 1,2, or 3. you want to ensure that they follow all the steps. Sometimes people think that they can just turn the oven on and bake cookies without following a recipe, or they may think that they can substitute baking soda for baking powder, so you have to explain to them why they can't make substitutions.
  • Another way that you can help them, is to actually write the instructions in a layman's term format, meaning, look at it as if they've never done this before and put it in simple terms. So with our egg example, you may want to start out by saying “Take 3 eggs, ensure you have a clean work area,” so they understand that these things will be required.
  • A great point that you can give to help them with an instructional paper of this type, is to troubleshoot any questions they may have. You might want to list a few ideas at the bottom of your page to explain to them things that could go wrong and how to fix them. In our omelette example, if you think that they might have trouble turning the omelette over, you can always include a little bullet point that says “Your omelette may break apart, but that's okay, you can still enjoy it anyway.”
  • You also wants to ensure that you keep your writing user friendly, fun, and informative. Because you're dealing with people who may not know how to do something through a process, you want you to ensure that you guide them gently, and keep it fun! With our egg example, you may want to tell them if they crack the egg, and get a piece of shell in their eggs that's okay, just pick it out and try not to give that particular eggs to the person they're trying to impress! See how these great eggsamples can keep it fun!

By following these tips, you'll be able to rest assured that you will you'll have a great process paper that’s fun and information and anyone will be able to follow it!