How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Synthesis Essay Based On A Poem

With the synthesis paper, you will have a topic that relies on several different research sources. Then you will read and find like links within the different sources. For example, maybe all of the critical essayists think that the sharks in The Old Man and the Sea represent Hemingway’s lovers and wives. This is a complex style of paper.

The success in this detailed and advanced paper will lie in your thesis statement. With a strong one, you will be better assured of writing a strong piece. When you are assigned one that requires you to focus on a poem, use our tips and hints.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Poetry Synthesis Essay

  1. Pick a poem with a lot of critical essays and analysis. The more sources you can find in the piece, the easier your research job will be for you.
  2. Use reliable sources-if you venture out into the Internet, make sure that you can prove that an expert in the field composes the sources. You should not use any research that has no identifiable author.
  3. Don’t forget interviews-do not forget interviews as you seek to find like dieas for your paper’s support. The interviews can hold a wealth of information for you to pick from for the composition.
  4. 2-4 ideas-you will want to find 2-4 ideas for your points. However, one solid point can be equivalent to two points. A solid point is one that has many ideas and support. The quality of what you locate is very important.
  5. You can be a source-you can locate like qualities from within the piece if you read it carefully. So, in fact, observations can be considered part of your support.
  6. Pay attention to the little details-make sure to pay attention to the little details. Look at the length of the piece, the rhyme scheme, the devices sued, and the author’s life. Do not overlook the little, but very vital facts and details.
  7. Proof and edit-once you have a beautiful composition with solid facts and support, make sure to edit. You will carefully proof for all kinds of errors and the carefully edit the corrections. Do not make any new errors as you do this. A paper can have excellent content, but score a low grade due to grammar, structure, and spelling errors. Be careful to edit carefully.