The Impact Of Multi-Cultural Work Force On Organizations


Multicultural work force means people from different background whether age, physical ability, sex, race, diverse in many spheres, but working in same organisation. It basically refers to employees from different social, cultural, racial characteristic working together in one organisation aiming for success in one direction.

  • - Positivity of cultural impact on organisation: When people with different culture come under one roof it is responsibility of both at employee level to sort out differences, also at level of organisation head to turn all diversity to success, which can easily be achieved through communication and understanding individual’s cultural differences.
  • - Multicultural impact on international Business Industry: As when dealing with international business partner, employee with different culture act as a boon as they are aware of all minute details of client needs of their culture. These differences together act as a tool for success, proper understanding help organizations to gain new perspectives and give advantageous insight into international client needs.

    Multicultural positive impact on organisation depends on communication and understanding both at the employee level and at the organisation level. Growth at the individual level or employee level is achieved by identifying major differences and what is needed to reach the solution.

    Steps to improve quality of work life and reduce cultural differences, it is basically determined by how people feel about their role in the organisation and how they feel in organisation working environment, for this to made quality circles as small group of employees who meet regularly with their common leader to identify and solve work related problems, as more of communication among themselves they are promoted to find solution and stay on as members of the circle and solve additional problems together in future reducing culture differences, bias and prejudice between them with more clarity of thoughts.

    But creation of quality circles is generally preceded by in house trainings i.e. efforts from organisation level. To increase the productivity, required training of the employees to develop them and make them realize their potential and equality.