5 Places To Look For An Example Of An Argumentative Essay

There is an art to arguing. You have to know how to convince your audience with a solid defense that is full of credible and valid sources. You do not want to offend your readers, be too emotional, or use bad sources. If your teacher assigns one of these papers, the best thing that you can do it to use a model to guide you while writing. There are five good places where you can go to look for an example of an argumentative essay.

5 Places to Look for an Example of an Argumentative Essay

  1. A writing company-you can pay for a professional writing company to provide a sample essay for you. If the company has an essay on hand, the cost will be less than if the company has to write a custom piece for you. Always get the price of what you are buying before you sign any commitments. If you need more help than a model can provide, then you can hire the company to help assist you as you write on your piece.
  2. Your teacher-writing teachers will always have a collection of the best papers they have received over the years. You probably will not be able to take the composition from the room. You can go and look at it or you can ask your teacher if you can make a copy of it. Your teacher can also guide you on the essay as you compose it.
  3. The Media Center-in the reference section of the media center, there will be books which hold essay collections. You can see which ones your school has. Most schools do not let you check-out reference books, but they do let you make copies of these essays. If you can not locate those books, simply ask the media specialist for help. There should be several different collections on the shelf.
  4. Online search-you can find almost everything online. The idea is that you want to locate a good sample. Stick to sources that you can verify as credible and qualified. You may have to wade through a lot of hits before you come upon the best piece. Note that some colleges provide samples of different styles of writing on their Writing Department page. You may be able to shorten the hunt for the best piece if you go directly to a college website. The online search can turn up a ton of information, so this may take you a while to do.
  5. A friend-if you have a friend who excels at writing ask them if you can look at one of their argumentative compositions. Make sure that the friend knows that you are not copying the work, but instead are just using it as a reference as you write. Maybe you can return the favor to the friend at a later date.