Slave Culture

No one is a stranger to the concept of slave culture. Since the beginning of time the concept of slavery has always been present. Slavery goes back to the old days before civilization took such a moderate turn or whether it is the 21st century. The only evolution the slave culture has experienced over the years is the alteration and moderation in the way it is implemented. Slavery has always been directed towards African Americans. This is why the race has always been resistant towards the various forms of human incapacitation. They have also evolved as a resistant race, commonly seen by the world as a group of people who are aggressive.

There are several things that fall into the category of slave culture. These include the hair trends, the way they speak, the vocabulary they use, the complexion of their skin, the toughness of their muscles and several other things. Historically it is believed that all these modifications came about this race to allow them to cope with the harsh lifestyle they were exposed to. Men had to move about heavy objects that are the leading cause why the African American man are relatively more broad and muscular. Similarly, the features of this race are distinctly different.

The Concept of Slavery

As mentioned above, the concept of slavery prevailed centuries ago. Back in the day the idea was implemented in a rather harsh manner and there are several movies made by Hollywood to depict the closet kind of reality for the world. However, in the 21st century the alteration lead to the contemporary terms of having “Help” or a “Maid.” Though religiously speaking, slave culture was to help men and women out. Men who were tortured by the outcasts of society were saved by being bought and given a home. As a form of thank you to the person who saved them they would provide their physical services. They were fed and taken care of by their owner. Similar, women slaves were bought to save them from being raped. Several people would buy these slaves just to free them later.

However, with the introduction and growth of the white man’s burden, slavery took a very negative turn and became a prominent cause of hatred that brews in the hearts of the victims of slavery. Through their hair, lifestyle, language and everything, they rebelled to the “clean, neat, prim and proper” concept the white man posed.

Though the slave culture has been declining over the years, it is still present at the subconscious and root level. Hence, it is often the reason behind the ill-treatment of those belonging to a different race.