Looking For Compare And Contrast Essay Examples: A Quick Guide

Right from the beginning of our school days, we are made to compare and differentiate between two distinct elements or characters. It could be two metals; two similar characters of two different books; monozygotic and digotic seeds; anything of note.

Knack to compare

Compare and contrast essays keep students inspired as there is an innate knack in everyone to compare oneself with other in various regimes; environment, wealth, heredity; nature. The siblings have their academic achievements compared. Life seems all about making comparisons; why not the essay topics.

Similarity and difference

It is one thing finding similarity between two subjects; quite another finding differences between the two. Thus the student needs to be on his toes, bucking lines of reference; analyzing areas of disagreement and then systematizing both in his essay.

Here are 10 compare and contrast essays to act as guide for you –

  1. Compare the impact and situations created by The Great Depression vis-à-vis 2008’s recession – Both left an indelible impact. Write an essay on the similar and dividing lines between the two.
  2. Compare and contrast Chinese economy as against Australian one – It is expansionism against gradual resurgence. The comparison would be interesting if carefully done.
  3. Evaluate the bridges between instinct and intellect through examples – Animals gain intuition at the cost of intellect; humans acquire intellect by compromising instinct. Comment.
  4. Contrast the composure of Golf against the aggression of American Football. Explain the vitality of both – Both are extremely popular games even if they have absolutely nothing common between them. Let an essay discuss their individual merits.
  5. Compare and contrast the policies put in place by USA and USSR during the Cold War – Both countries made crucial policies and stuck to them. Let’s unravel the skeletons again.
  6. Compare and contrast the Presidential procedures used by George Bush Jr. and Barrack Obama – One created the recession. The other pulled USA out of it. A comparison would be eminent.
  7. Compare the styles of Guerilla Warfare adopted by Cuba and Vietnam against USA – Guerilla Warfare has brought succesful tidings for both Cuba and Vietnam. Lets assess the styles.
  8. Compare minimalist architectural settings as against the traditional – Minimalist house designs are in vogue even though many people who can afford it love the opulent styled-house. Let an essay make a comprehensive comparison.
  9. Compare the paradigms of Indo-Pakistan relation with that of Israel-Palestine – Both rivalries have their seeds in religion. This is actually quite sensitive waters.
  10. Compare the relative impact of movies and Internet on kids – Both movies and Internet has had considerable impact on young minds. Let’s compare with numbers.