20 Great Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle Schoolers

When you are in middle school, you will often face the argumentative essay. The argumentative essay is a paper where you have to pick an argument and pick one side in that argument. Your job is to present the reader with evidence that shows why your side is the best side. If you are struggling to pick a great argumentative essay topic, consider the list below of 20 great topics for middle schoolers:

  1. Write about how religion is bad for the world and causes more violence than good
  2. Write about how senators who do not believe in global warming should not be allowed in the senate, because they have a responsibility to vote on global warming
  3. Write about how chores are good for you and build good character
  4. Write about why homework is bad and should be canceled
  5. Write a paper about why dress codes are good in school
  6. Write an essay about how different lunch periods reduces fights in school
  7. Write about how tests and essays are not a good way to tell if students understand the material
  8. Write about sodas should not be allowed in school
  9. Write about how summer vacations are beneficial for students
  10. Write about how sports are good for students
  11. Write about cheating being out of control
  12. Write about how unhealthy it is for middle schoolers to have cell phones
  13. Write a paper that explains how city wide curfews keep children out of trouble
  14. Write a paper that explains why the use of animal testing is good and necessary to help humans
  15. Write a paper that explains how parents are completely clueless about what teenagers do on the internet
  16. Write an essay that explains how the government should be allowed to have some say in what food is consumed
  17. Write about how violent videos games do not cause violence in children who play them
  18. Write an essay that focuses on how Spanish should become a second language in America in addition to English and how both should be taught in schools in America.
  19. Write about how there is an appropriate age for students to begin dating but that age does matter in terms of the two people who are dating, for example, a student who is a senior in high school should not date an 8th grader.
  20. Write about how gay couples should marry