How to Order a Custom Essay: Key Points to Keep in Mind

Each year thousands of custom essays are sold through professional writing websites who make promises of providing top notch essays crafted by academic professionals. While the practice is quite common there are still a number of things a student needs to keep in mind before handing over a payment and risk being duped into receiving less than what they were promised. Here are some key points to be aware of:

Ensure the Company You Order From is Trustworthy

The first thing you want to do is make sure the professional writing service you are considering can be trusted. Look for certifications and badges posted on their site then check with those organizations directly. Check with good business bureaus to see if there are any fraudulent claims being investigated at the moment. Anything that looks suspicious should be a red flag and not worth the risk.

Check for Customer Reviews on Independent Sites

After checking the websites official reputation, be sure to look for some independent reviews posted by previous customers. This might be the most valuable and telling point to remember. Though a service may say they have helped thousands of satisfied customers, the truth might be that there are several thousands of unhappy and even angry customers that have a different story to tell.

Ask the Customer Rep About a Writer’s Credentials

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential services, contact customer service directly to ask them a few questions about their writers. If the information is available see if you can find out about the writer you will be working with. Some sites provide profiles, portfolios or resumes of their professional writers. You’ll be able to vet a potential contractor to ensure they know more than a few things about your subject and particular topic.

Verify Payment Terms and Conditions

You may ask the customer rep to answer questions about the service’s terms and conditions, but you should take the extra step and read the fine print on your own. Be sure you print out terms and conditions and highlight any points you think might pose a problem or anything you are unsure about. Then ask the customer rep to verify and clarify.

Provide All of Your Essay’s Requirements

The last step is ensuring you provide your hired writer with all of your essay’s requirements. He or she won’t do as near a job writing your custom essay if you don’t give all of the details. Be sure you understand your assignment thoroughly before submitting it to be written.