Pros and Cons of the Border Control

The idea of controlling the border is to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into other countries without documentation. One of the key components in this debate is the border of the United States of America and Mexico. Mexican citizens illegally enter the United States of America without documentation every single day. The Border Patrol is designed to keep this from happening, but it only seems to slow down the illegal immigration of undocumented immigrants. Knowing this information, we will discuss the pros and cons of border control.

The Pros of Border Control

Border control in any country is necessary to help decrease the amount of undocumented immigrants from crossing into another country. It is designed to help catch criminals, refugees, and to avoid war between neighboring countries. The border between the United States of America and Mexico is also designed to prohibit the smuggling of drugs from one country to the other. With the rise of the Mexican drug cartel, the border patrol hopes to reduce the amount of drug smuggling that is corrupting the streets of the United States of America.

There is also the issue of illegal immigrants working in the United States of America while avoiding paying taxes. The border control helps to catch and deport illegal aliens to help relieve the taxes within the United States of America. While illegal immigrants come to America, they obtain government assistance without paying taxes to replace the funds that are depleting at a rapid rate.

The Cons of Border Control

There are some pros to having border control and there are some cons. In many countries, there are terrorist groups, drug cartels, and other groups that pose a threat to the countries regular citizens. These citizens then illegally cross the border in hopes of escaping the horrors they would face if they were caught. These refugees are looking for hope in a country that will protect them, deporting them back to their country puts them back in harm’s way. They could ultimately be in more danger than before they fled.

The border control in all countries has its own reasons. As you can see, there are very good reasons to have border control. On the other hand, there are also cons to having a strict control of the border. Some countries have regulations that grant amnesty to refugees fleeing from terrorist attacks. This is not the case in all countries.