How to Write a Strong Analysis Essay: Advice from a Professional

Professional writers are often overlooked in the academic world. While professors know a significant amount of knowledge about writing, professional writers know how to write and use their skills to make money writing. Since professional writers also work with professional editors, they know what it takes to create a powerful piece of writing. They also understand that writing really is a two-way street; anything that is written, should be written to be read. The most useful writing advice you get, will be from professional writers. So, here is some useful advice for writing a strong analysis essay:

  1. Write a powerful introduction: Professional writers understand that the beginning of an essay is an important part because it gets the reader’s attention. Professional writers understand that the formula for an introduction should be followed, because this is what readers expect. With a good hook, a thorough bridge, and a clear, arguable thesis statement, readers will want to know more.
  2. Make sure the topic sentences refer back to the thesis: Organization is key to successful analysis essays, so the topic sentences should always refer back to the thesis so the reader can stay connected to the big idea of paper. As you analyze the topic, the body paragraphs will each have their own unique focus, but the ultimate focus should always reconnect back to the thesis. Use a keyword or a synonym for a keyword in the topic sentences. By doing this, no one will question whether a body paragraph actual supports an analysis.
  3. Use real evidence in the body paragraphs: If you want to prove that your analysis is correct, you need to show actual evidence. Too many students paraphrase evidence when direct quoting is the better option. A paraphrased piece of evidence will not show the beauty of the original piece. When you use the actual piece of evidence, you can pull out the individual words, numbers, or images in your analytical explanations.
  4. Mix your sentence structures: The best essays have a wide variety of sentence structures. When you begin with adverb phrases, infinitive phrases, or gerund phrases, your readers will not even notice that you varied your sentence beginnings. If you stick with the same sentence structure throughout your essay, your readers will notice the choppiness of your writing. Your analysis will be better respected because the paper is so well written.