How To Find Someone Who Will Check My Essay Errors For Free

Revising and editing your essay is an essential step of the writing process. You must be very careful and thorough when eliminating mistakes from your paper. Every single thing that you miss will affect your grade negatively, and it would be a shame to lose any important points if you essay is good content-wise.

This is why you should reread and edit the paper no less than three times. However, even this doesn’t guarantee that you will find all the mistakes. It is very difficult for a writer to notice his or her own shortcomings as you know what you’ve intended to write and your brain can simply skip over the defects and fill in the blanks with the “how it should have been.” This is a thing you do subconsciously, so you must put a lot of conscious effort into focusing on every single word and sentence in order to make sure you miss nothing. This turns the process of editing into a stressful ordeal that can take a great deal of time.

The best way to avoid this problem and increase the quality of the editing is to ask someone else for help. A person who looks at the paper with “fresh eyes” will be able to notice more defects and offer some helpful suggestions on how to fix them.

It doesn’t really matter whether the person in question is skilled in the subject or not. However, it will be more beneficial to ask someone who actually knows what the essay is about and can appreciate the quality of the research.

Here are a few suggestions of where you can find a person like this:

  • Turn to your upperclassmen for help.
  • They have more experience and skills in dealing with academic papers, so they will be able to point out your mistakes and offer more efficient advice than your own classmates.

  • Search for some assistance online.
  • Many universities have free tutoring programs, and some students and teachers simply volunteer to help other students in need through various initiatives. Search for programs like this, and you will be able to get a lot of free help with your studies.

  • Arrange for a meeting with your teacher or advisor.
  • Depending on the type of the paper, you may or may not have an advisor who will assist you through the writing process. In any case, your teacher will be able to offer some invaluable suggestions. However, be sure to come to this meeting armed with a list of questions regarding the issues you had when working on the essay.