Where To Search For An Example Of An Informative Essay

Students learn by example. When it comes time to write a high quality paper, students write better ones when they have an example to use. While it is never recommended to take someone else’s essay and use it as your own, it is perfectly acceptable to use one as a template. As long as the ideas and words are all your own, you should have any troubles using a sample paper as a guide. The key to success using an informative paper as an example is finding a good one. Here are some places to look for high quality samples:

  1. Educational writing sites. Many of the top colleges and universities offer writing labs that students can use for tutorials and samples. These usually include grammar and mechanics lessons and rules. They also include samples of the major types of writing, so you can find informative, persuasive, and descriptive papers with notations and other useful tools. These are usually written by college students who are working on writing or linguistics degrees, so you can trust the writing it good.
  2. Hire-a-writer websites. The Internet is loaded with people who want to make money writing papers for students who do not want to write them on their own. These sites have sample papers that students can use to decide whether or not to hire a writer. Many of those projects are good quality papers that can be used as samples. Since they are promotional, they are completely free.
  3. How-to websites. Along with people who want to profit from students who need papers, there are also plenty of people who create websites about writing simply because they love writing. These sites often include information about how to craft a quality paper. They will usually include examples that are just as good as the ones you would find on a websites sponsored by a professional organization or a college.
  4. Writing blogs. Since people enjoy blogging, you can usually find good information about any topic. There are bloggers who offer ideas and samples for writers to use. There are also teachers who craft blogs that their students can use. These can be good places to find examples of high quality essays.

No matter where you happen to find your sample essay, it is always important to remember not to use any of it in your project. If you can find it online, then the plagiarism checking app that your instructor uses can, too.