Help Me Find A Free Illustration Essay Online: Simple Guidelines

An illustration essay is a common kind of paper in which you use examples or anecdotes to illustrate an idea or concept. It is different from a definition paper in that instead of telling your reader what something is, you try to show them what it is with examples. This can be a difficult distinction for many students to matter, so having a sample paper can be very helpful.

Use these simple guidelines to help you find a free illustration paper online for a sample or guide:

  • Writing Labs
  • Many high schools and universities have writing labs where students can go to get help on their writing with everything from planning and outlining a paper to editing and proofreading a final draft. In addition to having tutors that can help on a by appointment basis, many writing labs also have resources for students such as sample papers. If your school has a writing lab, stop by to see if they have any sample illustration essays. If your school doesn’t have one, try searching online for other schools’ writing lab website which will often house their sample resources.

  • Writing Contents
  • Writing contests are another great place to find sample papers because you can find them for roughly your age group, and you can search for the winners which you know will be top quality papers. While not all writing contests use prompts that qualify as illustration essays, many do. You’ll have to look through contest prompts to find one that seems like a good fit, but then you’ll have dozens of samples to choose from.

  • Your Librarian
  • Most students underestimate what a great resource their librarian can be for finding resources such as sample papers. Go to your librarian and let them know what you are looking for. They may know off the top of their head where you can find a sample illustration paper, or they can help you to search in the right places for them.

  • Online Searches
  • Of course one of the easiest ways to find a sample illustration paper is to do a simple online search which will allow you to access all kinds of different resources that include sample papers. When doing this, however, be careful to try to only use websites with a .edu domain, otherwise you may end up using a poor quality paper as your sample.