How to Write Essays Better: a Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you want to write better essays, you need to make sure you start with proper planning. Students often forget how important proper planning is when it comes to writing better essays. But by taking time to research, brainstorm, and sleep in between both, you give your brain a chance to mull over all of the thoughts in your subconscious until an ideal argument is made.

After you have written an essay you are ready to start your editing phase. It is important that while you edit and proofread your work you look for any spelling or grammatical errors. Check over the essay to see if it flows well. Make sure you have transitions in between each of your paragraphs. Make sure that you review the paragraphs and double check that the paragraphs support your thesis and do not stray far from your topic.

As you are writing an essay it is important that you listen to the demands of your teacher. The teacher will give you a list of requirements and often they will provide a grading rubric which you can use as a guide while you write. The rubric is meant to help you. If you review your grading rubric you will see exactly what the teacher is going to use to grade your essay. You can see how many sources you should have and how many points having the right format is worth. Make sure to ask your teacher if you are on the right track before you finish the paper. You can ask them to review your thesis or approve of your outline before you begin.

If you are interested in a topic that is highly unique, or something that is not commonly argued, you might consider some of the examples below:

  1. Should it be illegal for newspapers and magazines to publish photos of convicts on death row?
  2. Are there philanthropic groups that should be financed before others? Are certain charity groups more important than others?
  3. Should celebrity private lives be as off limits as the lives of your neighbor?
  4. Is it unethical for gun owner addresses to be published in newspapers?
  5. Is it better to work at home or in an office?
  6. Should Black Friday sales be stopped because of the danger they pose to shoppers and the way they detract from the holiday spirit?
  7. Should shopping at local businesses be encouraged?
  8. Does a neighborhood define who a person is?