Basic Instructions For Composing An Analysis And Response Essay

An analysis and response paper also called a critical response paper is a paper that tells your opinion about a given topic or idea. To write an effective analysis and response essay, follow these 7 steps;

  1. Read and comprehend the response directions given
  2. These instructions will tell you what you need to do. Sometimes they also include a question that you need to answer. For instance, rather than respond to the whole paper, the instructions might require that you only respond to a certain part of it.

  3. Take notes
  4. Once you’ve understood the instructions, you need to quickly note down your thoughts on the topic. The first thing required of you in a critical analysis paper is to make known your opinion on the topic and whether or not you like the material. Additionally, you should explain why you feel that way or why you’ve taken that position. For instance, if the topic is “depressing,” go ahead and explain why.

  5. Analyze the material and your thoughts on it
  6. Look at the material critically. Are there sections of it that you like? Are there those that you don’t like so much? Do you find sections that you detest completely? Note down these points and why you think they are right or not right. Look for quotes to support your assertions and prepare appropriate citations to use in your essay.

  7. Create an outline
  8. An analysis and response essay can only be a few paragraphs long or it could go on for a few pages. You need to think about this early. If you need only two supporting paragraphs in addition to the introduction and conclusion, then you need to identify two very strong points. Find points that support the main points and expound on them.

  9. Write the rough draft
  10. With the points already outlines, it’s time to write your rough draft. Keep in mind that the structure of analysis and response essays is the same as that of a basic essay; the introduction, body, and then conclusion. Provide a little background information and choose an introduction that grabs attention.

  11. Write the final draft
  12. In this step, you need to ensure that the essay is logical and well written. The document you come up with in this step will become the final document so ensure that it is free of any grammatical and simple structural errors. Check that you have used the correct format and that your citation is correct.

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