Writing An Excellent Literature Comparative Essay Effortlessly

Comparisons are so ingrained in our nature that we feel a natural rapture when we are told to place two things adjacent to each other in writing. The standards obviously differ; and thus the handling of the topic.

The literary comparison

A literature comparative essay puts into perspective two deviant literary pieces or sets of pieces or even two writers. It may be the reference to the style of writing of Yeats vis-à-vis Eliot or To Kill a Mockingbird vis-à-vis The Scarlet Letter or the books of Charles Dickens vis-à-vis Thomas Hardy.

Grounding is a must

In order to pen the essay, you must be ebulliently authoritative on the relevant subtexts of the topic. You should have read them and be in a position to carve out critical evaluations and enquiries. You should understand the basal meaning of the pieces lying underneath the superficial ones.

An automatic groove

Once you are grounded, the patterns naturally fall into place. You just have to understandingly put the core of the writing style of the two pieces or writers. You need to assess the exaltation capacity of the writer; how he puts forth his points and how progressive is his work.

Compare similar notes

You should compare two analogous pieces; say, period pieces or non-fiction; crime thrillers or romantic novels. The two writers should cull out of the similar backgrounds; say Marquez and Llosa. This way, the comparison in the essay will seem more effective.

Gain control

Writing the essay effortlessly and yet retaining the fascination and charm has much to do with your control over the pen. You should never bring expository facts in your comparison; but remain at a position where you can dissect the ulterior motives of the writer. The two books may make a clear diatribe against the society or the political ruckus through th fickleness of their characters. Be observant about that.

A clear conclusion

In the end, you should clear about the areas where the first piece or writer holds sway as well as the areas where the second one rules the roost. Do not let your personal bias color your essay in any way. Illuminate the readers about the readability of the pieces and whether they are relevant to today’s times or not. Also, suggest areas where the books could have played a better game.

Your essay should come out as involved, ascertaining and thought-provoking. The essence of the pieces should be subtly conveyed to the reader.