Becoming a Professional Essay Writer: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

There are all kinds of mistakes you can make as an essay writer, and here are the ten major ones that are faux pas that you do not want to commit. Doing so will doom you to failing or, at least, receiving a poor grade.

  1. Never, ever plagiarize another person’s words, sentences, or essays

    Plagiarism today is just like asking your teacher, “Hey, how about I go pay someone fifty dollars for an essay guaranteeing me an A in the class, and then you expel me from the class because it turns out to be a plagiarized essay.” This is what will happened. Teachers all over the world now worship turn it in not only because it saves them time as teachers, but because it saves them time grading essays as well. Therefore, all teachers are using this wonderful tool now, making it nearly impossible to cheat on any assignment now. Turn it in offers instructors a lovely gift of being able to save the comments they make on papers most often and merely drag it onto new essays – making grading papers quick and easy to do. Grading papers is often so time consuming that turn it in is saving teachers so much time, that they are able to handle more students a class and the schools, pay out less money for fewer teachers this way. It is a win win for everyone – except you perhaps.

  2. Never borrow work that a student already turned in a different class, a different quarter, a different semester, or a different year.

    See my above discussion. Teachers today are not just having essays turned in to turn it in but ALL assignments, making it impossible for studetns to help each other out by turning in the same homework or sharing assignments with one another. Just do not do it. You will get caught now.

  3. Never buy already written term papers from an online service that you do not already know that someone has had a good experience with them! Period.

    If you are considering buying a professional essay off of the web, do so at your own risk. The essay is almost one hundred percent likely to have been bought from a service that is known as a paper mill, and that means it will show up as a plagiarized paper.

  4. Never underpay a freelancer.

    Then they won’t do the best possible job they can on your work.