Funny Synthesis Essay Topics: 15 Original Suggestions

Writing a synthesis easy is quite easy if you know the correct format and the right way of doing it. You will have to do more of a comparing study of two or more things or views and then you will have to show how at one point the two of them come together and overlap each other. To make the synthesis essay funny you will have to provide anecdotes and instances that will peal to the reader. The best way to write a funny paper is by taking the satirical approach. You will need to use sarcasm effectively to tickle the funny bone in your reader. But you will also have to highlight the graveness of the issue through the light tones.

Choosing a topic

By choosing the correct topic you will get the job half done. But selecting the topic can be difficult and you can easily get confused on what to write about. There are various websites which have a list of relevant topics that can be further explored. However do not be restricted by the lists. It is there only to nudge your through process in the right direction. Once you get an idea you can further elaborate it and come up with your own unique funny synthesis topic.

Here are 15 suggestions that will get you going:

  1. Essay on the relation between various social networking sites and social media sharing websites. How it has ruined the kid’s childhood.
  2. The relation between the beggar and the donor.
  3. Relation between two shopping malls.
  4. How a person can achieve stardom from the squalor of the city.
  5. Relation between the man and his beast.
  6. The effect of social media on the usage of English language.
  7. Relation between the various malls in the city.
  8. A paper on the different civil disobediences that took place n the country.
  9. Relation between the types of
  10. Writing on the opinions that people have on the right drinking age for young people.
  11. A comparison on the ethics followed by two different censor boards. Alternatively you can add quite a few censor boards and dissect their policies.
  12. On the various types of bullying that is there. Cyber bullying and real life physical bullying.
  13. The types of opinions that people have on child obesity.
  14. Different opinions on the practice of Eminent Domain.
  15. The effect of advertisement on two different people from different backgrounds.