FBI Vs. Military Agencies

The federal bureau of investigation is the United States federal agency that handles domestic investigations and security issues. Is serves as the nation's chief federal law enforcement group that operate under the jurisdiction of Justice Department of united states. It also reports to the director of national intelligence and the attorney general. Military agencies in the United States are tasked with collecting and analyzing information to provide directions and guidance to respective commanders to assist in his decision-making at the time of defense. The area of information intelligence includes civilian population survey in the combat area, operational environment, and the hostile, neutral and friendly forces. Military intelligence is done at all levels from tactics, working strategies, peacetime, at the time of war itself and that period of transition to war.

Function of FBI and Military agencies

FBI special agents conduct sensitive national security investigations and also enforcing more than 300 federal statutes of United States. FBI works on matters that include crime, terrorism, and corruption in various agencies, matter regarding violation of civil rights, kidnappings, and extortion and bank robberies. Their cases may also involve cybercrime, white collar crimes, air piracy, and foreign counterintelligence. In short the FBI is tasked with investigating crimes that violates the federal statutes. The military agencies are tasked with providing information to defense policymakers and national civilian about the possibilities of any military intentions by foreign states. The agency’s role is a far wide-reaching collection and analysis of military defense-related foreign economic, industrial, medical, geographic, political and health intelligence. Military agencies in the United States are also tasked in managing the technical unit of measurement and signature intelligence and the counterintelligence programs.

The difference in jurisdiction between FBI and Military Agency

The FBI takes control of only specific crimes with the United States border. In case, a united states citizen in a foreign nation faces any form of criminal case or is a victim of a crime it is the FBI mandate to conduct an investigation in that country with or without the help of local law enforcement. A military agency like USSOCOM is well equipped with the necessary skills to manage all Special Forces in the United States Army. Their operational jurisdiction is beyond the borders of the United States. The agency gathers information from the CIA and other sources and is tasked with planning an operation before the JSOC conducts the operation. Military organizations have the capabilities of seeking information from any United States Intelligence Committee.