The Closing: Good Proofread Examples

It is always hard to nail your closing; some by the time they get to the closing are so wore out from writing the rest of the essay that they cut corners and finish on a weak note. Professors usually frown on that sort of ending; so ending on a strong note is much better than ending on a dull flat note. Dull makes it really hard to sell the rest of your essay.

One way to end strong is by using parallelism. This uses elements from the rest of the essay in your closing to help keep everything nice and strong in structure all the way to the end. Most people try to stay away from flourishing things but with your closing paragraph flourishes are your friend, don’t be afraid to be a little witty in the end.

Though a good strong emphasis should be put on proofreading; you can never do enough proofreading. A good essay can be wrecked by improper use of grammar and structure. First and foremost though; stay away from using “In conclusion to…” or anything similar to that when closing an essay.

Closing Example Ideas

Let these examples be the inspiration you need to finish a good and strong essay:

  1. The overwhelming evidence indicates that monetarily and environmentally; driving a vehicle is indeed outweighing the benefits and is a prime example of our own laziness and a true smear against the environment by destroying it at five dollars a gallon.
  2. (Topic: Should products be tested on animals?) Various products being tested on animals is not a bad idea, but we should make sure that we don’t enter into the area where the animal is actually suffering because of product testing. It is a necessary tool to provide us with top quality products that won’t cause any side effects and product testing will continue to help humans in awesome and wonderful ways.
  3. (Topic: Who is the quickest learner; adults or children?) Generalizing about who is the better learner between adults and children just simply does not work. Something like this is more depends on a person’s enthusiasm for learning and the motivation to learn something new or on the situation.

Touching on major points in your essay helps you end strong in your closing and leaves a lasting impression on your reader. Don’t be afraid to end on a joke even; just don’t be ho hum about your closing.