A List of Good Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

When writing essays, it can sometimes be much easier if the professor has already chosen a topic for you. All you would have to do is start researching that topic and begin writing the essay. However, sometimes the professor will throw you a curve ball and make you pick your own topic. For someone who needs specific structure, or someone who does not do well with coming up with their own essay ideas, this can be problematic. The best way to approach this issue is to stay calm and think about the things you like and are passionate about. Think about topics that really get you going, something that you could take a few pages to argue about. And if that does not help, here are a few categories and topics that can help you get started.


If there is something that has to do with the law and the government that you find intriguing or disturbing, you can write about it in the essay. There are plenty of current events going on that will make this category easy to choose a topic from. For example;

  1. Whether or not to legalize marijuana
  2. Raising or lowering the minimum wage
  3. If gay marriage should be legal or not
  4. Is the death penalty justifiable?
  5. Will gun control keep crime down?
  6. Is torture justifiable?

School Policies

If your school has any policies that you wish they would remove or change, then make an argument and write about that.

  1. Does a plus/minus grading system help of hinder students’ GPA?
  2. Should students have to take classes that have nothing to do with their major?
  3. Should there be more or less cameras around campus?
  4. Is it fair that a lot of tuition costs go to the sports department?

Social Issues

Social issues are very easy to choose from. There are so many issues in the world, and things that can be argued about them. Such as;

  1. Abortion: Is it okay or not?
  2. The legal drinking age: should it be raised or lowered?
  3. The legal driving age; should it be raised or lowered?
  4. Does media violence lead to violence in children?
  5. Do children use the internet to much?

These are only a few examples of the possible essay topics. But, the possibilities of topics are endless. If none of these topics work for you, then hopefully it will spark an idea of another topic.