20 Interesting Ideas For Scholarship Essay Topics

The subject of a scholarship essay can vary quite dramatically. However, the majority of scholarship essays require a component of personal experience to be added in. Thinking of a topic that will win you that scholarship may be difficult, but keep in mind that you will be a part of it. You will be writing about something that you know firsthand, the easiest way to write anything. If you are having trouble narrowing down just what part of your life may make the best reading, here is a list of 20 interesting ideas to choose from for scholarship essay topics:

  1. What is your favorite work of art? Why is this your choice, and how has it influenced your life in positive ways?
  2. Have you struggled enormously to reach a goal and succeeded? What made it possible for you to reach success?
  3. Have you ever struggled enormously to reach a goal and failed? How did you deal with the failure of something that you wanted so badly?
  4. What would you consider to be the major accomplishments in your life so far? Why do you believe that they are considered accomplishments that are important?
  5. Do you have any skill, quality, or attribute that distinguishes you among your peers? How have you developed this skill, quality, or attribute?
  6. Was there a time in your life when you experienced an epiphany moment? What was it? How did it change you and make you look at life differently?
  7. What do you dream of for the future? If you look back in 25 years, what would you have needed to obtain in order for you to consider yourself a success?
  8. What is the greatest discovery that you have ever personally made?
  9. What would life have been like for you if you lived 100 years ago?
  10. What is the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen?
  11. Have you been involved directly or indirectly in a serious accident? How has it changed your life?
  12. What animal would you like to be? Why?
  13. What hard lesson have you learned?
  14. Have you ever had a near death experience? Describe your feelings.
  15. What is the one thing you would change about yourself if you could?
  16. What is the hardest news that you have ever had to tell someone? How did you handle it?
  17. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Why?
  18. If you were able to become a building, which one would you choose? Why?
  19. If you were given one million dollars, how would you spend it?
  20. Who, or what, is your secret love?