Air Pollution And Agriculture

Air pollution is a significant problem in the world today. It is clear that air pollution does not only affect a human being. There are many adverse and far-reaching effects of air pollution in the world today. For instance, air pollution is a major issue when it comes to agriculture. In the yesteryears, people only at agriculture as just a cause of air pollution. Today, with the increase in food insecurity throughout the world there, there is a lot of concern about the effect of air pollution on agriculture and more so on food production. This does not, however, mean that we should turn the other way and concentrate on one side and leave the other. Today many countries and companies are turning to controllable and sustainable development. The kind of development that looks at all factors and controls them to attain batter results. The environment is of primary importance, and so is food. The best thing we can do is make sure that protect the environment by practicing safe farming. This will in turn increase considerably the amount of harvest because there is a good environment.

The deadly mix

Agriculture is greatly affected by air pollution. The presence of fluoride in the atmosphere will lead to acid rain. This is a major problem for plants in the areas that have high emissions of fluorides. Plants cells are affected by high pH values. So in the event of an acid rain, there will be a significant destruction of many plant cells because of the change in pH. This is evident by the presence of yellowing sports in plant leaves. This affects the food synthesis in plants leading to reduced yields. Also, plants may lose a lot of water because the environment on the outside is very salty leading to withering and dying of plants.

Unable to adopt

When increase air pollution harms the environment, many organisms may not survive. This destroys the relationship between animals all the organisms. The ecological niche will be affected. When an individual species is whipped out or reduced because of air pollution, there will be an absolute change in the behavior of other organisms that depend on the reduced species. The competition will set in. This will lead to extreme suffering by organisms that are not well adapted or used to competition. Some species may even develop worse behavior like feeding on others of their own that are weaker.