Composing an Essay On Freedom of Speech: 5 Good Suggestions

Freedom of speech is one of a person’s most valuable and natural rights. Thomas Jefferson writes of it in the Declaration of Independence. It is included in the United States Constitution, however, not all citizens in other parts of the world are afforded this right. If your teacher assigns you a paper to be written on Freedom of Speech, you will have many interesting choices of topics to select from. Five of the more exciting topics are:

  1. The History of Freedom of Speech-study when this concept was first adopted, who along with Jefferson were proponents of the right, how the right is handled across the world, and what are the restrictions concerning the right of freedom of speech.
  2. Legal Cases Concerning Freedom of Speech-research some of the most famous cases which have involved the freedom and discuss them, how they unfolded, what the situation was, and how the court finally ruled on the cases
  3. Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech in the United Sates-follow history through the civil unrest in the United States and see how this important right was handled
  4. What are the restrictions to Freedom of Speech-there are boundaries concerning this right, such as death threats and racial slurs, completely research and write about these rules and whether you agree that there should be restrictions to this right
  5. Freedom of Speech and the World-thoroughly research and study the parts of the world that do not give a person this unalienable right, trace the country and discuss why this right is omitted from the region and what consequences this has had on the people

There are other many fresh topics concerning the freedom of speech. You could write about students and their rights, teachers and their rights, politicians and their rights, and about times in history when the right has been abused or neglected. As you write, make sure to include credible and valid pieces of support that you obtained from academic databases. You will need to make sure you cite those sources and that you include a reference page when you submit the paper to your teacher. This topic of freedom of speech will provide to you an interesting and abundant fact finding assignment. Use your freedom of speech and this list of suggested topics to write about the freedom of speech for your next assigned essay.