Don't panic and learn how to write an essay in an hour only

Can you really learn to write an essay in an hour? Students may find this concept crazy but others feel they can pull it off. There are students that have completed essay content in a matter of hours thanks to having basic understanding of essential components necessary during the writing process. Make sure you are able to focus and devote your time and energy into the task to achieve the best result. The following points offer basic insight on how to write an essay in an hour.

Read guidelines

Do this to know what is expected from you for your essay. The guidelines make it easier for you to understand the assignment. You can think about how you want to get started but keep in mind guidelines provide direction. Your content should meet them as close as possible so you can get an exceptional grade.

Select a topic

This can be the biggest advantage you get with an essay assignment. If you select a good topic of interest you know about you can get your essay done quicker. This ensures you can write it fast while pointing out important details related to the subject. Your thesis statement is the main idea and your supporting points should provide good evidence for your main idea.

  • Create an outline

    It will help you write a rough draft. The outline is created based on the structure of your essay. This may include an introduction, body and conclusion. Under each section you will include talking points. Your thesis will appear in the first paragraph along with a good hook to get readers interested. Your conclusion summarizes points mentioned throughout the text while giving meaning to why you wrote on the subject.

    • Input details

      Input details based on the required essay structure. Your outline will help you complete your rough draft based on ideas you took notes on. This process may take you as long to complete since your guidelines have a considerable amount of details already. You just need to organize and clean up how it is presented.

    • Revise, edit and proofread your work.

      Review your paper and make improvements where necessary. Make corrections to errors and mistakes and skim your paper to ensure overall content is organized properly. You may have time to read your paper twice from start to finish.